Course Syllabus:

  • Learn the basics of stand-up comedy in a structured class setting
  • Mold topics into an original routine through a weekly on-stage performance workshop
  • Translate your ideas into a crafted act through proper joke structure and editing techniques
  • Experiment with elements of improv and acting to create a unique and organic performance
  • Hone your joke-crafting skills with a focus on writing content

Class Includes:

  • Six three-hour-long classes at Helium Comedy Club, Saturdays from 1 to 4pm
  • A Graduation Showcase at Helium at 8PM on the Wednesday immediately following the final class session (schedule permitting) in which participants perform for an audience of friends and family in a supportive, positive, and controlled environment

October Class Registration
October Class Deposit ($100)


Rich Lamb has been performing in comedy clubs and universities across the country since 1997. Having worked with professional improvisational troupes and nationally recognized comedians, Rich has acquired a lifetime of comedic experience. Rich's work also includes writing material for current touring headliners, one-man acts and print advertisements.

Rich has taught more than 150 individuals interested in pursuing comedy as a career, and those seeking to incorporate humor into their professional lives.

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