Competition Details

It's That Time of Year Again...

The competition returns May 30, 2017! More than eighty aspiring comics will throw their hats in the ring to compete for the title of Buffalo's Funniest Person and a grand prize of $1,200!

The fine print

Contestants must reside in the Buffalo metro area. All slots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration will close once all available spaces are filled. For the first 2 rounds of (Prelims and Semi-Finals), contestants will be assigned a randomly-selected date and lineup slot. Performers must have 4.5 to 6 minutes of original material for the Preliminary Round, 6.5 to 8 minutes for the Semi-Finals, and 8.5 to 10 minutes for the Championships.

Preliminary Round Dates

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May 30th May 31st
June 1st June 2nd
June 6th June 7th
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