Writers Bloc

A Comics' Happy Hour Workshop

Calling all new and seasoned comics! Join us Tuesdays between 5:30 and 8pm for food and drink, camaraderie, and to workshop your material with fellow comedians. We’ve hand-picked established comics to hang out for one-on-one sessions with newer comics, providing feedback on your work.

Free admission to the evening’s homegrown show is included as a perk for all participants, calendar permitting.

How to Participate

Fill out the following form to lock up a one-on-one session. Sessions are available in 15 minute time slots between 6 and 7:45pm. You may only register for one session per visit. Your registration will be confirmed via email, though the schedule is subject to change without notice. All veteran comics interested in providing feedback contact Reven at revenm@heliumcomedy.com.

Bloc Dates / Veteran Comedians

  • TBA


Is Writers Bloc free?
Yes, attendance is free. Our goal in creating Writers Bloc is to offer a free service to the community, affording comedians old and new the opportunity to hone their craft among friends and contemporaries in a fun, low-key atmosphere.

Can I attend without scheduling a session?
Of course! All are welcome. Comics are encouraged to come to Writers Bloc to workshop material in whatever capacity they choose.

How many time slots are available with a veteran comedian?
Eight 15-minute individual time slots will be available with the designated veteran comedian during a Writers Bloc session.

Who are the veteran comedians heading up Writers Bloc?
For each session, we'll bring in a well-established comedian from the Buffalo comedy scene or further abroad to field questions, provide feedback on your material, and help you with your writing and writing process.

When and how can I sign up for an individual time slot?
You can sign up any time at buffalo.heliumcomedy.com by heading to the “Writers Bloc” link under “Comedians” in the navigation, or sign up at the Box Office the day of the event between 5pm and 7pm, if any availability remains.

How frequently will Writers Bloc occur?
Writers Bloc will be in session most Tuesdays, barring scheduling conflicts. Keep an eye on our upcoming calendar!

When and where do I check in upon arrival?
Check in at our box office 15 minutes prior to your scheduled session. Late arrivals may not be honored.

What if I can’t make my confirmed scheduled session?
Life happens – we understand. Please give our box office 24 hours notice if you can’t make your time slot so we may release it to the public. All time slots will be released 10 minutes prior to their start if there is demand. Habitual no-shows will be barred from future participation in Writers Bloc.